Aloe and Vitamin E Body Slimming Capri

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 Body Slimming (Bio Contour) Collection of shape wear products are designed to mold and re-shape your silhouette, while providing ease of movement. We utilize imported fabric from Italy that is comprised of 71% Polyamide Micro/29% Elastane. The fabric contains embedded micro-capsules that hold cosmetic ingredients to assist in fighting visible cellulite. In test participants, daily use over 28 consecutive days has shown to help reduce hip circumference, fight water retention and reduce the appearance of the "orange-peel effect". The fabric is incredibly soft, lightweight, and breathable. Even better, the fabric is pilling resistant and non-curling. Made in USA of imported high-quality fabric from Italy.

- Molds and re-shapes your silhouette while providing complete freedom of movement.
- Designed to Fit Like a Second Skin
- Extremely soft, thin, yet durable fabric imported from Italy. Pill and curl resistant material.
- Embedded with micro-encapsules which contain cellulite fighting active ingredients such as Retinol, Fatty Acids, Aloe and Vitamin E.
- Daily Use for 28 days may help to reduce the appearance of Cellulite, resulting in smoother looking legs and buttocks.

****Measurements shown on the size chart below are in inches