BARBIE PINK ENSEMBLE 10pc Makeup Brush Set

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The Barbie Pink ensemble comes complete with a beautiful matching pink faux leather pouch, protective flap + button closures to keep your brushes safe for on the go, and easy storage. This brush set features 10 super soft kabuki style brushes that are ultra dense to build medium to full coverage, while blending effortlessly. All 10 brushes feature Barbie Pink wooden handles and silver ferrules.

  • -Round Kabuki Brush

  • -Flat Top Kabuki Brush

  • -Angled Kabuki Brush

  • -Fan Brush

  • -Concealer Brush

  • -Shading Brush

  • -Angled Shading Brush

  • -Pencil Brush

  • -Angled liner/brow Brush

  • -Spoolie