Color-Fit Eye Shadow Midnight Cocktail Palette

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Change is beautiful. Our Colorfit Shadow Kit features 10 essential colors for a variety of enviable looks, depending on your mood and occasion, like an eye wardrobe. The purse-ready palette features a range of richly pigmented shades that glow and smolder on their own, and complement each other. This carefully curated Midnight Cocktail kit is packed with 10 luxe eyeshadows that are deep and sensual for an after-hours soiree, and light and shimmery enough for a work day with a hint of glamour and sparkle.

Key Ingredients :
Jewel Complex
Shining & shimmering, packed with sparkling particles
Sebum Powder
Moisturizing, Substance that is naturally secreted by the sebaceous glands to help moisturize skin and hair, and removes oil

Benefits: Versatile, Diverse, Transportable

  1. Using your ring finger or a liner brush, apply the shade onto the eyelid and crease
  2. Finish the look by gently blending the light, glitter shades onto the center of the lid