Latex Vest with Adjustable Shoulder Straps

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Provides firm hold for your midsection. While in use, these garments can visibly reduce your waistline up to several inches stimulating thermal activity and perspiration in your core. Your appearance will be noticeably slimmer, and you'll feel the improvements to your posture right away.

  • Corrects posture. 
  • Controls waist and abdomen. 
  • Centers and enhances the bust. 
  • Wide and adjustable straps that brings support and comfort. 
  • Cotton inner lining that protects the skin. 
  • Ergonomic rods that shapes and corrects the posture. 
  • High back design that brings more coverage. ·
  • Three lines of hooks for better fit. 
  • Heavy–duty and stainless steel fasteners. 
  • Ideal for reducing sizes and in a postpartum period. 
  • Latex 50%, Cotton 50%