Mielle Organics Adult Healthy Hair Formula Vitamins with Biotin, 60 Count

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Beauty comes from within! Give your body the nutrients and minerals it needs to support healthier hair and skin and boost your immune system.

Mielle Organics’ line of hair vitamins are made with organic, all-natural ingredients and a healthy dose of biotin! Biotin is an essential vitamin that helps promote stronger hair and healthy skin. And with the help of Vitamin E, B-12, and a number of other vitamins, you’ll begin to notice increased hair growth with your longer, flowier, more luscious hair! We also have a healthy hair growth supplement for kids to help them grow beautiful hair and boundless confidence from within! At Mielle Organics, we believe acknowledging hair health should be an important part of your regime. And it's easy too! Try our Mielle Organics vitamins to experience healthy hair growth today!