More Than Cleansing Gel

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Not all cleansers are created equal. Our pure More Than Cleansing gel with mineral water cleanses the skin with a refreshingly delicate touch. The gel lifts makeup, pollutants and toxins, impurities and excess oil to the surface of skin to be washed away in a gentle swoop.

Key Ingredients :
Soap Berries & Soapwort Extract
Cleansing & soothing, natural surfactant that is shown to soothe and relieve itching and irritation
Mineral Carbonated Water
Pore tightening & protective, shown to enhance skin immunity

Benefits: Cleansing, Refreshing, Purifying


  1. Take a penny sized amount in your palm and lather with water
  2. Massage gently over face
  3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water