Powernet Gym Belt

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Discover the new Tecnomed 2 waist cincher! It provides more back coveragee and a greater waist-reduction effect. It is the most-widely used athletic belt among models and beauty pageant trainers; its new version provides more back coverage, has an improved reduction effect and offers twice as much lower back support. You just focus on achieving that figure with a defined waist, and Tecnomed will provide the necessary support and help to shape your body while you work out. • Made with Powernet • Helps to reduce inches from your waist immediately • Elastic bands with greater lower back coverage. • Adjustable control and support • Shapes waist • Twice as effective • Improves back posture • Helps prevent lower back injuries • Ideal for weightlifting at the gym • Krik closure system with high-resistance Velcro that doesn't fleck.