Realistic Self-Adhering Silicone Breast Forms

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Self-Adhering Realistic Silicone Breast Forms have a textured silicone skin with nipple detail. They are self-adhesive and require minimal support. This allows Aphrodite breast forms to be worn with nearly any beautiful bra or lingerie of your choice; no more frumpy mastectomy bras! With additional medical adhesive, you can even go braless.

  • Lifelike silicone skin creates the most realistic breast forms to touch and feel
  • Unique "no-membrane" skin means the breast forms cannot burst. 
  • Innovative design is safe to sleep in
  • Foundation safe, apply makeup foundation to blend with your natural skin tone
  • Warms to your body for a natural feel
  • Self-adhering, adhesive back you can wear with a regular bra or supportive top
  • Slight concave back to naturally fit on curve of chest for a natural look
  • Fits Left and Right adding fullness
  • Symmetrical, each breast form can be worn on right or left side
  • Realistic looking nipples & areola
  • Self-adhering Aphrodite breast forms for wear with non-pocketed bras
  • Tapered edges blend to the body
  • The only silicone breast forms available that can be worn for 24 hours or more!
  • Available in 3 skintones and 5 nipple colors
  • Purchase includes Free Care kit, 2 oz bottle of Breast Form Wash, 2 oz Stay Dry Sweat Barrier & 10 Skin Tac Wipes
  • Your choice in 3 Nipple colors
  • 1 year manufacture limited warranty against defects
  • Made in Canada (Please allow up to 14 days for delivery)
  • Wash with mild soap & water, air dry
Compare with conventional forms:
Conventional breast forms are made by inflating a polyurethane plastic shell with gel filling. The plastic shell creates a wrinkly and reflective appearance that is similar to Saran wrap. These non-realistic forms work fine as long as they are fully hidden and many users choose to insert them into pocketed mastectomy bras.  If they are punctured, they will leak. 

Aphrodite forms have a molded silicone skin with realistic texture and nipple detail that need not be hidden! The self-adhesive design does not require the support of a pocketed or full-coverage bra, allowing you to wear beautiful bras and lingerie of your choosing. Overall, the realistic Aphrodite forms allow you to wear beautiful and revealing outfits that celebrate, rather than hide your breasts. With no plastic skin to rupture, Aphrodite forms are also safe to sleep in and will never leak!