Silicone Security Strips

Silicone Security Strips
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Sizes: One size fits all, 4 pieces per bag Colors: Clear Details: Washable and reusable Slightly adhesive, leaves no residue on body or form Helps hold breast forms in place if wearing a fashion bra Gentle to skin Stock item Made in U.S.A. These thin, silicone strips are slightly sticky on both sides and help keep breast forms from sliding around inside a non-pocketed fashion bra. The stickiness just enough to keep the form in place, but not enough to hold a form on the body without a bra. Each Strip peels off easily after use, is washable and reusable and leaves no residue on a form or the body. They are made of 100% soft silicone, and have been designed to fit on any form style. These Silicone Strips are gentle to skin as well as the forms. 4 strips per bag.