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Straptini Designer Jeweled Bra Straps

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Product Description & Size Chart

Straptinis are a whole new way to accessorize your wardrobe! Straptinis, designer bra straps, eliminiate the perpetual problem of hiding bra straps and provide a new opportunity to accent any outfit. Straptinis can be worn with casual shirts or dresses and they make a statement with formal attire as well. Wear them with strapless tops and dresses to add a new flair...simply be creative! Straptinis will attract attention so be prepared to answer the question, "What are those and where did you get them?" Trust us...it happens all the time! Attaches easily and works with any bra with removable straps. Straptinis are made entirely of glass, metal, and some styles contain Swarovski® crystals for accents. Plastic beads and hooks are NEVER used on Straptinis. Depending upon the size or length, a pair of Straptinis can be made up of over 300 individual beads. The beads are secured by strong, clear, elastic line that moves with you. Comes in three sizes for the perfect fit. 

Chocolate Brown and Amber Beads with Gold colored Accents

Warm Brown and Clear Beads with Gold colored Accents

Size Chart     Download a Printable Measuring Tape

What is the right size for me?

Straptinis are available in three standard sizes:

Small – 13.5”
Medium – 15”
Large – 16.5”

There are so many sizes and shapes. Here is a quick and easy way to determine your size:

1. Put on your convertible or strapless bra that has loops for removable bra straps.
2 Use a measuring tape to find the distance between the hook loops in front and the back of your bra.
3 Subtract ½ inch and choose the size closest to this measurement.
When in doubt round down to the next size.

A few notes about correct sizing:

When choosing a convertible/strapless bra, make sure that the loops are not too close to your side and are closer to the center of the cup. Be aware - some bra manufacturers’ loops are almost under the arm.

There should be a little stretch in the bra straps when fitted correctly - only small amounts of string in the strap should show.

Why doesn’t one size fit all?

The size of your bra does not determine the size or length of your bra straps. It depends upon where you wear your band across your back.

One size does not fit all when it comes to bra straps. By combining elastic line with multiple sizes we can find an answer that not only fits most women but is very comfortable and looks great.

How do I know if my Straptinis fit properly?

Straptinis should be comfortable and stay on your shoulders as you move but not bind or dig into your shoulders. While wearing them, Straptinis should stay on your shoulders and you should not see large spans of elastic line.

Slippage off the shoulders means the straps are too big and a smaller size is needed. Gaps of elastic indicate the need for a longer size.

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