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Shed inches from your waistline easily while contouring your silhouette in Shaperlove® open bust shapewear for women with abdominal thermal action! Moderate compression womens shapewear designed to contour your curves while the built in100% latex abdominal panel that never directly touches your skin, increases perspiration so you can sweat away pounds and inches! Shaperlove® slimming bodysuit shapes your waist, tummy, hips, and legs with its cute capri style, in a mid-calf length, that also lifts your derriere! Like sauna shapers, the latex panel, which is inserted between the inner and outer layer so it does not come into contact with your skin, helps you sweat while its cotton lining absorbs and keeps you comfortable throughout your day. Open bust body shaper so you can wear your favorite bra while its adjustable shoulder straps offer an adjustable fit and can crisscross at the back for extra bust support! Our shapewear bodysuit is to be worn directly against the skin, without underwear, for maximum thermal action, and has a convenient open crotch design for bathroom breaks so be sure to buy 2 or more so you always have a fresh, clean garment available everyday! Wear your capri body shaper under your favorite clothing and it is also the perfect full body shaper for use as a postpartum body shaper to help control your abdomen after childbirth!

• Moderate compression shapewear to controls abdomen while shaling your waist, back, hips, and legs
• Open bust design so you can wear your favorite bra and adjustable shoulder straps that can crisscross at the back for extra bust support
• Shapewear with gusset opening for convenience
• Thermal shapewear with latex panel for sweat enhancement buit into the abdominal area, that does not touch skin directly, plus a cotton lining for comfort and to helps absorb perspiration
• Tummy shaper with butt lift so you never feel flattened
• Wear our smoothing shapewear under your regular clothing, directly against your skin and without underwear BODY: 90% POLYAMIDE 10% ELASTANE INTERIOR FILL: 100% NATURAL LATEX INTERIOR LINING: 93% COTTON 7% ELASTANE