Barely There

We're Barely There® intimates. We make bras, panties and shapewear that are ruffle, wrinkle, crinkle, line, tag and seam free. So they not only look and feel great on you, but under your clothes, too. And isn't that what really matters anyway? The way you feel when you're wearing Barely There® intimates is the key difference between Barely There® intimates and other intimate apparel brands. Barely There® intimates is all about making you perfectly comfortable. So, what does all this mean for you? For panties, it means super-soft, luxurious fabrics that don't ride up and non-binding waist and leg bands that won't dig in. For bras, it means beautiful smooth shapes that never pull or ride up, flexible underwires that are cushioned against your skin so they won't pinch or bind, microfiber-backed lace and straps that won't itch and rounded hooks and eyes that won't irritate. Of course, all Barely There® products are tagfree for the ultimate in comfort! Why be there when you can be Barely There?

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