10 Things You Need To Know About Your Bra

Posted by Alma Guerrero on 10th Apr 2015

10 Things You Need To Know About Your Bra

1. Know How to Take Care of Your Bras

There is nothing worse than going to put on your go to bra only to find a dreaded under wire has popped out. Make sure you are doing everything you can to extend the life of your bras. 

  • Use Delicates Laundry Bag to protect bras in the wash. 
  • Avoid tangling by attaching the hooks before washing.
  • Change machine settings to delicate cycle to extend the life of your bras. 
  • Air dry in the shade to preserve elasticity.

2.Know Your Bra Size

I often here women say that they don't know what bra size they should be wearing or that they have never measured for the right fit! 

An ill fitting bra can be both uncomfortable and unflattering so it is important to know your correct bra size! Here is a chart that will guide you through the process of measuring yourself. You might be surprised to find you have been wearing the wrong size!

3. If it doesn't FIT you must A-QUIT

Simple Bra Fit Rules:

If your cup runneth over, it's not the bra for you.

If its making you sag, it's not the bra for you.

If its uncomfortable, it's not the bra for you.

If its cutting in on your shoulders, it's not the bra for you.

If you have too much room left, it's not the bra for you.

4. Never show your bra straps.(at least not in professional settings)

Nothing will ruin a polished business casual look like wayward bra strap.  

Use a bra strap holder to take control over your bra straps, this will help to convert any bra to a razor back style for more versatility and less show.

5.Give Your Bra a Break (a bra should not be worn two days in a row)

Even your bra needs a day off.

The same bra should not be worn two days in a row. The elastic should have at least one day off in between wearings to prevent the band from stretching out too quickly.

6. Your bra should be flattering, all the way around. 

If your bra is creating any kind of bulges its probably not a good fit for you.

Consider a smoothing bra or a different size. It doesn't make sense to wear a bra that makes your boobs look great but on the back side is causing the appearance of back fat.

7. You should own the staple items. Black, Nude, and Strapless.

Its always good to be prepared! 

We spend the whole day mentally planning out what we are wearing out on Friday night but the you go to get dressed and you realize you don't have a strapless bra to go with your new strapless dress. what are your options at the point? You can haphazardly tuck the straps on a regular bra or go bra-less. It pays to be prepared, make sure your wardrobe includes the basics. 

8. Your bra size can and will change.

Just as your weight fluctuates, your breast size can change

The size of bra you need can go up or down depending on weight, exercise, ovulation, and even diet. Try to measure yourself before you invest in new additions to your lingerie collection as your size from three years ago could now be outdated.

9. Cleavage Enhancers are always an option

Sometimes we need a little help to perk up the girls! 

While I am sure you have out grown your Junior High days of stuffing your bras with balled up socks or tissue paper you can still do something about it! Cleavage Enhancers slip right inside your bra cup for the desired effect. Providing you with larger, rounder, and higher breasts in seconds. These are meant to give your natural breasts a little more fullness!

10. Get your ducks in a row.

Storing your bras in an organized way is really important to make sure they have a longer life. 

You should not have to be playing tug of war against your mess of tangled bras every morning. Designate a drawer specially for your bras but don't just throw them in there, line the up neatly in a row. Make sure you don't over stuff the drawer with to many bras to avoid crushing any padding.