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Feel Foxy Product of the Day: Classic Girdle with Zipper

Posted by Alma Guerrero on

The Classic Girdle with Zipper is designed with a double closure. The first layer is made with a hook-and-eye closure to compresses any  bulges on the abdomen, slim the waist and back; and has rods for maintaining posture. The top layer is designed with a zippered closure to create a smooth and polished look along with adding to the shaping compression.

The Classic Girdle with Zipper gives you  confidence when you wear an evening dress  or any outfit along with this waist cincher. It compresses bulges on your abdomen, slims your waist and back; and has rods for maintaining a model's posture. With its double hook-and-eye closure with zip front, you can feel the real compression. This garment is considered high compression, and is formed of three layers. The outer layer is comprised of a cotton/spandex lining, the strong internal layer is comprised of latex(100% Latex Rubber), and the last layer is a soft cotton/spandex that lays against your skin for comfort. 

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