Is Your Shapewear Durable or Disposable?

Posted by Alma Guerrero on 8th Jul 2014

Is Your Shapewear Durable or Disposable?

s you get dressed for work you go to put on a pair of pantyhose to complete your fashionable yet professional outfit of the day, you accidentally pierce through the material and create a leg length run. Its only a mild inconvenience they aren’t very expensive anyway so you throw them in the trash and grab a new pair. But what if you had paid $50-$200 for your pantyhose?

It is only reasonable to expect a costly product to have durability. Spanx is a compression wear company known for their ultra-thin shapers, “So light you’ll be blown away!” Unfortunately these ultra-thin shapers are made from an easy tear, pantyhose like material. Shapewear is intended to give you a smooth polished look not a windblown “run in your hose” kind of look.

Whenever shopping for shapewear it is import to consider a few factors. Quality, compression, and style.


We purchase shapewear garments for everyday use. Make sure when selecting the shaper for you you keep in mind they should be durable not disposable. Prices of shapewear can range from $20-$200 but it is pointless to purchase a low quality/ too thin product if its just going to rip when you go to put it on, or worse while you have it on!


Shapewear should have enough compression for you to see a difference but not enough so that it becomes a wearable torture device. If you feel like you cant breath or the item is uncomfortable then its not the item for you and sizing should be reconsidered.


Every womans body is different. We all have different problem areas we want to focus on. When picking out the shapewear retailer for you do not restrict yourself with a company that only offers a limited inventory of similar styles all made with the same few materials. At Feel Foxy we are proud to say we have a wide variety of products brands and styles and if you have any questions about the shapewear that is for you you can contact one of our customer service representatives who will be glad to guide you through it!