Posted by Alma Guerrero on 29th Jun 2015

What is the best waist trainer for me?

Shopping for a waist trainer can seem pretty complicated! Its hard to know what size you are and what cincher is perfect for what your needs are. 

At we want this process to be as easy as possible. Shopping shouldn't be confusing! 

Lets start off with sizing! Having the right size cincher is very important. If your cincher is too small it could be very uncomfortable and if your cincher is too loose it really wont be doing anything for you. The best way to figure out what size you are is by getting an accurate measurement of your waist in inches. Grab a tape measure and wrap it around the natural waist line (for most people this is a couple inches above the navel). Then take this number and compare it to the size chart we have provided for the item you are interested in.  Do not try to order a size that is smaller that what you need, these items are already high compression.

What style do you need? 

Before deciding this you need to ask yourself what you will be wearing your cincher for. Will you be wearing it throughout the day? Will you just be wearing it to the gym? 

Top Waist Trainers for all day wear:

Latex Slimming Girdle

Shaping garments manufactured in natural latex. Complete latex band that covers the waist, abdomen and back that higher the body temperature and generates perspiration accelerating the corporal reduction. Interior made of natural cotton fibers that absorbs comfort. Improves body posture. Recommended for daily use. Feature(s) Ergonomic design Two position frontal cloth pins Waist and abdomen control Abdominal thermal zone with latex "Rubberflex" Recommended for daily use

Squeeze Me Baby™ Latex Waist Trainer

Get a curvy hourglass shape with the help of the Squeeze Me Baby Cincher™! This high compression cincher will reduce your waist by 1-4 inches. Features a soft cotton lining and 3 rows of adjustable hooks. Flexi-boning improves posture and creates a smooth appearance. This new cincher is perfect for regular everyday wear or as an aide for sports activities. Can be worn unnoticed underneath most clothes so only your sexy new curves will be seen. 

Bella Mia Latex Cincher

This cincher is ideal for quickly lowering the buildup of fat and fluids in the abdomen and waist area. Made of Latex and lined with soft cotton. Flexible metal supports aid in the correction of posture.

Top Waist Trainers for sports activity :

Bella Mia Sport Cincher

  • Reduce up to 3-4 sizes,
  • Remove acumulated fat and liquids,
  • lift and boost your shape
  • Made of lycra microfiber and blended thermal latex
  • Perfect for sports sctivity
  • Made in Colombia
  • Fabric Content: Outer- 88% Polyamide, 12% Spandex. Inner-96% Cotton, 4% Spandex. Hand Wash. Hang Dry.

Latex Waist Trainer

Ann Chery Latex Neon Girdle is a waist cincher that you wear anytime you need midsection compression. You secure the corset around your midsection. This action creates compression in your core, stimulating thermal activity and ramping up perspiration. This process allows toxins and impurities to exit the skin, while mobilizing fat cells. The band itself is constructed from a latex core with a soft cotton exterior and interior lining. It sits at your waist, extending to the upper abdominals. Two columns of hook-and-eye closures allow you to size the garment down with you. FelixBoning anchors the cincher and prevents movement. Fabulous Fashion Colors provide a vibrant look while shrinking your tummy. Wear it as outerwear over a white blouse for a sexy and exciting fashion statement. 

Fitness Waist Cincher

Ideal for use in the gym and other fitness activities. Corrects posture, prevents herniated disc and or lumbar muscle sprains,and lower back pain. Provides preventative and theraputic support to avoid weightlifting related injuries while shaping controling and reducing the waist and abdomen. For men and women, available in neon colors.

-It is not just designed for fitness activities, in fact this product is very well knows in Latin America by pageant coaches to shape models / pageant contestants waist, since like the latex cinchers this also makes you sweat and loose inches, and helps to shape your waist.

-It is VERY easy to put on and take off, only takes a couple of seconds!

-Trains your waist with constant use.

-Keeps your back straight and protects it.

- Easily adjustable from low to high due to the elastic band to increase the compression while training, shaping and loosing inches.