Padded Panties Buying Guide

Padded Panties Buying Guide

Padded Panties are specialized Shapewear garments designed to add volume and demension to your buttocks. Women typically fall into two groups. Group A was born with a big butt and small breasts, and for these ladies we sell Breast Enhancers. Group B was born with big breasts and small buttocks, and for these ladies we sell Padded Panties.  Padded Panties worn under your wardrobe leave your bottoms and dresses fitting you the way they are supposed to. This enhanced rear view gives our customers a boost of confidence and self-esteem. Padded Panties come in three main garment styles with three different padding designs. We offer Silicone Padded Panties, Foam Padded Panties, and Hip and Butt Padded Panties. Our Padded Panties offer maximum Butt Boosting capabilities because of the superior padding we use to add what nature forgot to. We use different thicknesses of padding to achieve the correct look for each body type. Padding varies from half an inch to two inches with the industry standard being one inch thick. We recommend buying a Padded Panty over buying Butt Lifters if you have a flat bum and need to add some meat to those bones! You can also pair these Padded Panty Undergarments with our Butt Lift Jeans for an amazing silhouette! We encourage you to read the Feel Foxy product reviews, they are written by customers just like you! This is the best place to get the real skinny on product durability and functionality from the Foxy women who wear our shapers. 

Padded Panty Style

Padded Boxer Style

Padded Girdle Style

Silicone Padded Panty Style

Foam Padded Panty Style

Hip and Butt Padded Style