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Feel Foxy was featured on Buzzfeed "I tried Butt Padding for a Week" July 28, 2017

 Feel Foxy was featured on ABC's Good Morning America (GMA) on November 29, 2011.

And the articles on ABC News, Yahoo, and GMA:


Check out our ad in the New York Magazine Holiday Gift Guide! Featuring the Boxer Padded Panty.


The Dr. Oz Show: Easy at-home Butt Boosters
November 8, 2010

The Dr. Oz Show features the following Feel Foxy Padded Panties

Low Rider Padded Panty
Silicone Padded Panty with Silicone Gel Inserts 


The Doctors: Better your Booty! September 4, 2009
The Doctors features the following Feel Foxy enhancers:

Butt Lifter Panty Girdle
Waist Cincher Booty
Silicone Padded Panty


Always in Style: 3 Ways To Look Thinner (And They Don't Involve Excercise) October 7, 2008
"Choose the right foundation garment and kiss unwanted lumps and bumps goodbye."


Instant Human Lab: Beauty
June 27, 2008

Gretta Monahan and Rachael Ray have one of their audience members test the Biniki Butt Lifter Bra.


Kelly Ripa Puts on Padded Pushup Underpants April 22, 2008


How to Create Your Own J.Lo Butt March 19, 2008

Are you a woman lacking in the tush department? Find out how to get the J.Lo look with a little help.


WOR Morning Radio Show in New York February 25th 2008
Joan Hamburg joins Joe Bartlett and Donna Hanover on the WOR Morning Radio Show in New York to talk about Feel Foxy which specializes in body enhancement garments for women.
Click HERE to Download and Listen

WOR Radio 710 HD in New York Homepage | Joan Hamburg | The WOR Morning Show with Joe Bartlett & Donna Hanover


Bras for all your 2000 parts
December 19, 2007

"What - you didn't know your tush needed an upgrade from an A to a C? Well, it does! You can also try this dreamy padded panty for instant bootyliciousness."


NY Daily News: Lose 2 inches in 2 hours November 5th 2007
"BUTT BOOSTER Feel Foxy! Super Low Rise Padded Panty Fool any booty browser with these hip-hugging, inch-thick padded undies. And the boy-short style means you don't have to worry about panty lines. $28.99 at"


How to Get a Bigger Butt with Shape Enhancement Garments October 31, 2007

"A perky, round derriere is right up there with a full bust in terms of head-turning, womanly curviness."


It Beauty Secret October 11, 2007
"And let me tell you these guys know how to shape." --stellak


Cuffington - Butt Seriously March 16th, 2007
"You can be bigger, you can be thick, but just as long it's in your boobs and your butt. Which is why so many women, no matter what race or age, fret over a slim waist, lean arms and legs and a sturdy set of cheekbones, while simultaneously buying things like bras that pad or lift to give them those curves 'in the right places.'"


Portland Picks: Ifs and Butts
March 16th, 2007

"Since we've lived most of our lives trying to do the opposite, it's hard to believe we're actually talking about this, but it is innovative to say the least. If you want to enhance your booty, forgo the squats and just get a booty enhancer. Yes, that's right girls. This silicone butt lifter adds a little sumpin sumpin that'll leave you feeling foxy. And should anyone actually cop a feel, it's real to the pinch."

Oxygen - Women's Fitness.
April, 2004

Playboy 50th Anniversary - Collector's Edition.
January, 2004