Bigger Booty for Christina Milian?

Posted by Alma Guerrero on 27th Jan 2015

Bigger Booty for Christina Milian?

The great thing about the reality shows is that we get to see a more human side of the celebrities we idolize and we can even relate to them in some situations. In a promo clip for the new E! show, Christina Milian Turned Up we get a sneak peek of Christina's desire for larger assets. This is something that definitely hits home for many women who would like a larger backside. 

Why wouldn't someone want a larger butt? It is pretty much all we hear about in celeb gossip lately. From Nicki to JLo and Kim K this curvy look seems to be the new trend. 

In this promo clip we see Christina Milian trying on several pairs of silicone padded panties to create that larger yet natural look. 

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