Botox Breasts a Bust. Feel Foxy Safer Alternative

Posted by Alma Guerrero on 13th Nov 2014

Botox Breasts a Bust. Feel Foxy Safer Alternative

Botox Breasts a Bust. Feel Foxy Safer Alternative

In an article published earlier on Yahoo Beauty addresses the new trend of botox and saline injections for the purpose of breast augmentation. It seems the risk is simply not worth the results!

Botox injections are “ a knifeless instantaneous breast lift,” Dr. Neetu Nirdosh tells theDaily Mail. However “It’s more of a marketing tactic,” says Dr. Jennifer Walden. “Botox cannot do what a surgical breast lift can do. People who are candidates for a surgical breast have excess saggy skin and drooping. Botox can’t address any of those things.”

As for the saline injections, also know as the "vacation breasts"  are a very temporary option.  A 24-hour breast augmentation. “It’s creative, but in reality, is it worth the money, the time, or the risk of putting needles in the breast? I don’t know.” states Dr. Jennifer Walden

Of course there is always the surgical option, however this option does not come risk free. As we have all seen on any episode of botched there is always the risk that a surgery can go terribly wrong. Even if your surgery goes smoothly and you are not in fact "botched" , breast augmentation can result in a sort of buyers remorse. In fact celebrities like  Denise Richards, Victoria Beckham, and Kourtney Kardashian reportedly regret their boob jobs. 

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