​Feel Foxy Butt Lifters Q & A

Posted by Alma Guerrero on 15th Mar 2015

​Feel Foxy Butt Lifters Q & A

Feel Foxy Butt Lifters Q & A

What is a Butt Lifter?

Simply put a butt lifter is a garment that naturally lifts up your backside. It has no padding, it's just working with what you already have!

How does a butt lifter work?

Butt Lifters work much like a bra would. This is why they are often called "butt bras" the lift and support your butt. Most of our butt lifters feature 2 circle openings that cut around your butt to lift up.

Do Butt Lifters really work?

The great thing about butt lifters is the instant gratification. You will see a difference as soon as you slip on your lifter. So you get results right away with out the torture of squats or the dangers of surgery.

Are there different types of Butt lifters?

Yes, I would divide out butt lifters into two main categories. Closed back and opened back. The majority of our lifters feature the open back but some people do prefer the lifters that are not exposed. Both types will give you great lifting results and it really just depends on what you are comfortable with.

Are Butt lifters noticeable underneath clothes?

I wouldn't recommend that you pair your lifter with something that is both very tight and sheer but other than that it really shouldn't be an issue under most clothes. butt lifters are great under jeans or a dress for a perky lifted look.