Ideal Body Types Throughout History

Posted by Alma Guerrero on 28th Jan 2015

Ideal Body Types Throughout History

I strongly believe that as women we are born programmed with an image in our minds of what our ideal body should look like. As we grow older with the aide of society this image becomes more and more drilled into our heads. Many of us go to extreme measures to achieve our desired body, every thing from plastic surgery crazy dieting and injections.  However the ideal body is something that has changed throughout history. Check out this BuzzFeed video for a look at the different ideas of perfection through time.

As of lately it seems the ideal body every one wants is that of a small waist and a large backside and hips. We see a lot of this body type in many of our current celebrities. What can you do if you want that curvy look but weren't naturally blessed with those assets. For a smaller waist many of our Feel Foxy customers use Waist cinchers for Waist Training.  The Ann Chery Latex Waist cincher is our most popular item for this. 

For a larger and curvy back side the perfect way to achieve it without painful and dangerous surgery is with a padded panty. on you will find a variety of padded panties that offer padding on both your hips and backside for a sexy hourglass figure.

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