Miss BumBum Controversy Virgin Mary Naked Body Paint

Posted by Alma Guerrero on 7th Apr 2015

Miss BumBum Controversy Virgin Mary Naked Body Paint

A few months back we heard about Andressa Urach, the curvy Brazilian Miss BumBum contestant who was hospitalized due to botched butt implants. Urach reportedly saw the light and gave up her plastic surgery lifestyle.  

We are again able to report more buzz about contestants involved In the Miss Bum Bum contest. Miss Bum Bum contest is an annual event to find the best derriere in Brazil. Over the Easter weekend Indianara Carvalho, 2014 Miss BumBum winner posted a couple nude pictures with the image of the Virgin Mary painted on her torso. 

Coming from a Hispanic Catholic family I understand that images of the Virgin Mary are a pretty big deal whether they are in a church or  apparitions on a piece of burnt toast. Yet somehow I just don't see the Sunday church folk being all to happy about this one.

According to a DailyMail article the 2014 Miss BumBum runner up Claudia Alende, had quite a bit to say about the matter.

''Our Lady is a holy figure, and for many the most important figure in their lives,' she added.

'To paint her across your naked body, especially on Good Friday, shows a breathtaking lack of respect and judgement.

'Like most other people, I was shocked when I saw the photos. I was actually embarrassed for her, even though she has no shame herself.

'I think in her head she doesn't care if it makes people talk well or talk badly of her. She just wants people to talk about her. She thinks that any kind of publicity is a good thing.

'I've always known that the woman is an attention-seeking sl*t, and now she's revealing to everyone else who she truly is.''

Indianara Carvalho has certainly caused quite a controversy with these images and many are offended by the images that they find disrespectful.