The Feel Foxy Bra Fitting Guide

The Feel Foxy Bra Fitting Guide

Published by Alma Guerrero on 15th Jul 2014

An improper bra fit can cause you back, shoulder and neck pain, it can create bulges and rolls, and ruin an otherwise perfectly cute outfit. So if its important for our health and for our appearance why are so many women clueless about this topic? I thought this lack of knowledge about bra fitting would be something left behind in the halls of our JR Highs but I am amazed by the number of women (full grown, adult women) I come across that aren't wearing a proper fitting bra.

Ok Ladies, no more excuses, this is the Feel Foxy guide to a proper fitting bra!

Bra Fitting:

Bra Rules:

If your cup runneth over, it's not the bra for you. 

If its making you sag, it's not the bra for you.

If its uncomfortable, it's not the bra for you.

If its cutting in on your shoulders, it's not the bra for you.

If you have too much room left, it's not the bra for you.

So go and fit yourself for a proper bra chances are you' wearing the wrong size. 

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