What Your Bra Says About You

Posted by Alma Guerrero on 30th Mar 2015

What Your Bra Says About You

Demi Bra

With its classic half-cup style and wide-set straps, the demi gives you natural cleavage and is great for everyday wear. You don't feel the need to go over-the-top with your bra choice, which shows that you're all about comfort and cute yet casual. Lucky for you, your look will never go out of style. 

Push-Up Bra

First of all,who doesn't love a great push up bra?! You love being in control -- and not just when it comes to how much cleavage you show (although you do love how your bra has extra padding in the cups and adjustable straps to give the girls that extra lift). With anything going on in your life, you're the one in charge. You're also outgoing and flirty and should show that off. Because you know exactly what you want, you're hard to ignore ... for obvious reasons.

Strapless Bra

You're clearly the adventurous type frankly not many women can pull off ditching the straps and don't even get me started on tops with  "built in bras". Its not every outfit that calls for a strapless bra and it usually takes a risk taker to rock that tube top!

Underwire bra

Whats is wrong with wanting a little support from the world? You're always there for other so you expect the same from your bra (or you maybe like many of us this is just the kind of bra you need). A great underwire bra is a staple piece perfect for any special occasion. Lacy and sexy a perfect mix of sultry and sweet.


Front-hook bra

You value convenience, and you're all about making things more accessible. Problem solving comes naturally to you, so why would you wear a bra that takes hours to put on and remove?  Your bra is so easy to un-fasten, it shows that you're low-maintenance kind of gal or maybe you just strongly dislike those little hook and eye clips.

Sports bra

You are active and healthy in touch with your mind and body You set goals in your life and you don't quit until you  achieve them. You don't really care what people think, and you're open to critiques or comments ... which pretty much makes you the opposite of high-maintenance. Your idea of sexy is a cute  pair of sneakers with the matching sports bra. 

Bustier bra

The bustier bra lifts the girls and slims your midriff while looking powerful and sexy.  A bra that guarantees your upper half looks flawless is a sure sign of an intense overachiever, especially since you need to spend way more time putting it on than a normal bra. You tend to be more of a show-off girl and know how to own that.